MP McLeod Calls on Finance Minister to Set the Record Straight on Taxing Employer Health Care Benefits

Ottawa, ON (January 27, 2017): Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo, is calling on the Liberal government to set the record straight with regards to taxing employer-provided health and dental plans.

“I have received over 300 emails this week from constituents who are worried that taxing their health care benefits would cost them hundreds to thousands of dollars more per year in tax, and result in fewer employers willing to offer these benefits,” said McLeod. “This will affect every worker in Canada who currently receives health benefits.”

“Since entering office, the Liberals have raised taxes on personal savings, sports and music lessons, energy and payrolls. Now we are hearing they want to tax Canadians for their health care too,” stated McLeod.

If the Liberals make these changes in Budget 2017, Canadian workers who get these benefits will pay hundreds of dollars more per year in tax and many will lose them entirely. A similar tax in Quebec saw 20 percent of employers drop their coverage, putting even further pressure on the public health care system. These workers chose to put their own health at risk because they couldn’t afford an additional tax.

“I am calling on the Finance Minister to put the health and well-being of the Canadian worker ahead of this obvious tax grab. Perhaps curbing this government’s reckless spending and mounting deficits should be the priority, and not put this new tax on the back of hard-working Canadians,” concluded McLeod.