MP McLeod Questions the Prime Minister’s Approval of Chinese Takeover of Local Seniors’ Home

Ottawa (February 22, 2017): Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo, questioned the Prime Minister today regarding the approved sale of one of British Columbia’s largest seniors’ homes operators to a Chinese company Anbang Insurance.

“The rules state that the Prime Minister must not discuss government business at Liberal Party fundraisers, but on November 7, the host of that cash for access event said the Prime Minister did just that. In fact he talked about the need for Chinese investment in Canadian seniors’ homes,” said McLeod. “The review process by the Innovation Minister then got fast tracked and the sale approved. Canadians deserve to know whether the sale was discussed at this fundraiser.”

MP McLeod further pressed for answers:

“It should be no surprise to anyone that the Prime Minister has now approved the sale. It is one of British Columbia’s biggest retirement home chains, including a location in Kamloops. This was just three months after a Chinese lobbyist bought access to the Prime Minister at a fundraiser. I asked the Prime Minister outright, was his approval bought?”

It was also reported that several Wall Street Firms, including Morgan Stanley, refused to work with Anbang Insurance because it could not get any information on structure and ownership.

“With so many questions surrounding this company, how could the Prime Minister say yes to this Chinese takeover. How could he put seniors care in BC at risk by approving this deal,” concluded McLeod.