Half-Way through their Mandate, MP McLeod Criticizes “Poor Leadership” of Liberal Government

Ottawa (June 23, 2017): Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo, says the Liberal government’s agenda is out-of-touch and failing to prioritize hard-working Canadians.

“Looking back on this session of Parliament,” McLeod said “the failings of this government include an unprecedented number of investigations into the Prime Minister’s unethical behavior; the selling off of strategic Canadian assets to communist China including our seniors care facilities; the release of dangerous criminals because of judicial delay; out-of-control spending; new tax hikes on the middle class; lavish vacations; and a litany of partisan appointments.”

“With regards to deficit spending the Prime Minister was unable to say when, if ever, his government plans on balancing the budget. The deficit was supposed to be $10 billion, but now Canadians won’t see a balanced budget for 35 years,” stated McLeod.

“One of the Budget’s key initiatives, the taxpayer-funded Infrastructure Bank has been widely criticized by industry professionals for putting tax dollars on the line to cover risky investments made by private companies,” said McLeod.

“Of local concern, is the fact we won’t have a softwood lumber deal anytime soon, particularly with the U.S. Commerce Department expected to reveal preliminary anti-dumping duties on Canadian imports,” stated McLeod. “Last week our Foreign Affairs Minister stated the two sides are quite far apart.”

“As for public safety, the Liberal Government’s failure to keep up with the demand of judicial appointments is unacceptable and is allowing violent offenders to go unpunished,” stated McLeod. “The Canadian Bar Association has asked the Justice Minister to urgently address the situation as court delays are seriously undermining Canadians’ confidence in our justice system.”

“These failures demonstrate the ineffectiveness of this Liberal government. The undermining of our court system and reckless spending are examples of poor leadership and will have damaging repercussions in years to come,” concluded McLeod.