Team Trudeau Is Killing Canada’s Energy Sector

Ottawa (February 22, 2019): Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo says today’s recommendation from the National Energy Board (NEB), while positive, does not get us anywhere closer to getting the Trans Mountain pipeline built. Further, Justin Trudeau made Canadians pay $4.6 billion of taxpayer’s money to purchase the existing pipeline – and he overpaid by over a billion dollars.

“There is still no timeline for when consultations with First Nations will conclude or when a final decision on the project will be made,” stated McLeod.

Originally, within a week of the court ruling, Conservatives had a rescue plan for the Trans Mountain Expansion, calling for immediate emergency retroactive legislation to affirm the NEB’s determination that Transport Canada, as the federal department that regulates shipping, was the appropriate department to assess the impact of marine traffic related to the Trans Mountain Expansion.

“Instead, the Liberals picked the lengthy, duplicative, costly, unnecessary and most uncertain option by directing the NEB to undertake a 22 week reconsideration, further delaying progress on the Trans Mountain Expansion,” said McLeod. “This is all part of Justin Trudeau’s plan to kill Canada’s energy sector.”

“The mistakes the Liberals made on the Trans Mountain Expansion, their ‘no more pipelines’ Bill C-69 and other anti-energy policies and legislation have destroyed Canada’s reputation as a stable, fair, predictable destination for energy investment,” said McLeod.

“This was proven today with the release of a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute that showed 100 billion in planned spending on resource projects in Canada has evaporated, and there will be a further drop without substantial amendments to the Liberal government’s planned regulatory overhaul in Bill C-69,” concluded McLeod.