MP McLeod Named Shadow Minister for Natural Resources (Forestry and Mining)

Kamloops (November 29, 2019): Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo, was proud to be named as the Conservative Party’s Shadow Minister for Natural Resources (Forestry and Mining) today.

“I am stepping into this role as the crisis in the softwood lumber industry continues to unfold,” MP McLeod said. “At least 20 mills have been forced to shut down or curtail production. As a result, more than 4,000 people across 27 communities in B.C. are at this moment, out of work. This does not include the thousands of contractors and small businesses that have been affected indirectly.”

“Yet, Canada still has no softwood lumber agreement with the United States, and Canadian companies are facing devasting tariffs,” stated McLeod. “Justin Trudeau has failed to make good on his promise to resolve the dispute.”

“The challenges facing this industry are vast and complicated. The amount of trees available for logging plummeted in the wake of the pine-beetle infestation, which is now heading east through Alberta and Saskatchewan. Locally here in the interior of B.C., and northern Ontario as well, have faced devasting forest fires,” MP McLeod said.

“Mining is another key component of this portfolio. The sector represents 3.6% of Canada’s total GDP, and employs over 634,000 people,” McLeod said. “This includes an increasing number of Indigenous people. In 2016, 12% of the mining workforce was Indigenous, up from 8% in 2011.”

“I am grateful for the time I have had as the Shadow Minister for Indigenous and Northern Affairs. It has been four years of challenges and new experiences, and it was an honour and a privilege to meet so many First Nations leaders from across Canada, including many young people. I know this work will guide me in my new portfolio,” concluded MP McLeod.