MP McLeod Condemns Liberal Fall Economic Statement

Kamloops, BC (November 30, 2020) – Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo, says today’s Fall Economic Statement did not offer Canadians a plan to get back to normal.

“Canadians want their lives back. That means they need access to vaccines, rapid testing and a real plan to support businesses and workers,” said McLeod. “The reality is that Canada is behind the U.S., the U.K., the European Union, Mexico, Brazil, India and Indonesia for vaccine procurement. That’s over 2.7 billion people in line ahead of Canadians.”

“Right now, there is no plan for receiving vaccines from the manufacturers, getting vaccines to Canadians, who will get the vaccine first; the Prime Minister can’t even tell Canadians how many freezers have been secured to keep the vaccines viable,” stated McLeod. “In the meantime, we know that the U.S., will start vaccinating on December 11th, the U.K. on December 7th and Germany in mid-December.”

“Yet, our government is only talking about getting Canadians vaccinated by September. That’s 10 more months of uncertainty, businesses closing, mental health challenges, families remaining separated, and workers not knowing if their shifts will be cancelled or they have a workplace to report to,” said McLeod.

One seniors care initiative that is welcome is the $1 billion of conditional funding for the provinces through a Safe Long-Term Care Fund, to be distributed on a per capita basis.

“It can’t be emphasized enough that a solid plan for vaccinations is integral to bringing our economy back. The Liberal concept of running a historic deficit of almost $400 billion, which will burden the average family of four with over $42,000 is not ‘building back better’. We need a complete refocus to getting our country healthy again,” concluded McLeod.